Ours is a team of dedicated and passionate people, coming together to put our individual talents to work for a common goal: bringing our dreams to life.

Each person that works for Paradynamix is more than their job, with their own ambitions and ideas. However, we’ve all chosen to work together as a team to find the means to bring our own ideas to fruition. And along the way, we want to reach out to others and help them with that same vigor and passion.

Through extreme focus and dedication on the product we provide, we passionately serve our clients.  We are a company that believes in creatively applying ourselves to reach our goals. We work hard each day with the ultimate goal to give our team the tools and support they need to achieve and explore their passion projects and afford that same enthusiasm to our clients.


All our hard work and teamwork is geared towards the end goal of seeing our individual dreams come to fruition. And our means to do so is to help make other people’s dreams come true first. Not a bad philosophy or method, we like to think.

It’s pretty simple. We’re all just people, living our own lives with our own ideas and passion projects. Sometimes we don’t have the time or the means or the manpower to make the things we want a reality though. Not on our own at least. That’s why businesses hire employees and why they purchase goods and services from other businesses. Our method to attain our own goals is to help others reach theirs. With a job well done, not only do you walk away with high grade results, but we have the time and money to work on our own goals.


Paradynamix makes its home base in Marietta, Ohio where the CEO and founder grew up. Our in office team is assembled with folks from the surrounding areas and we all work out of a simple office space.

The building used to be a dentist’s office at one point, and probably a few different things before that. There’s a bathroom with 3 doors and a crawlspace masquerading as a basement that no one ever wants to go in. It’s not the most glamorous, but we’ve made this building our cozy creative hub. Each person’s office is stacked with their own trinkets and accessories and there’s a variety of coffee cups that tell a story of who’s the least awake today.

It may be a bit quaint, but we are no less a team of dedicated hardworking individuals. With a second floor for breaks and meetings, our team keeps in close quarters downstairs to facilitate collaboration and communication.


At the top of the Paradynamix ladder is the mind that pulled the whole operation together. Introducing Leith Stetson, the mad scientist who cooked up the plan and dream that remains the foundation of the company. Among the hardest workers any of us have ever known, he remains stubbornly positive and friendly.

Leith continues to inspire and antagonize his team in equal measure to keep them on their toes and their goals in sight. He’ll dig and dig and keep digging to pull the very best from the people he employs. Firmly believing in his team and their ability to reach their goals, he works with the desire to see each of his employee’s dreams met as well as his own. And Paradynamix is nothing if not a reflection of its illustrious leader.


Each member of our team is driven to learn and improve to accomplish their goals, and by extension, help our company succeed. We’ll do what it takes to get a project done and do it right. Our pride is in our team of people ready to work their hardest on every project that comes through our doors.

Leith Stetson

Leith Stetson

Shannara Stetson

Shannara Stetson

Production Manager
Mark Foley

Mark Foley

Graphic Design Lead
Jay Gaul

Jay Gaul

Sales Executive
Sayf Chowdhury

Sayf Chowdhury

Global Operations Manager

Daniel Dilly

Lead Software Developer


I wanna be a damn magician that points at something and it goes PFWAHHH!

I don’t know if I knew how to do it. And I did it.

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