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What is a
mobile app?

What is a mobile app?

A mobile app, or mobile application, is a app for your phone or other hand held device. We may not think of it this way too often, but a smart phone is really just a miniature computer. Just like a computer, your phone runs various programs and applications to function and allow you to make calls, check inboxes, and get on the internet.

What can a mobile app do?

A mobile app is really just a piece of software that can be programmed to do almost anything. It can act as a stand alone program, or it can integrate with existing tools to perform new or familiar functions. This means your mobile app could be anything from a a side scrolling game to a proposal generator hooked to a system back at the office. An app can streamline functionality, strip out extraneous processes, and perform key functions from the palm of your hand.

What’s so great about a mobile app?

The mobile app offers a power convenience like nothing else. Unlike other pieces of hardware that may be bulky or require stationary setups, a mobile phone is on a person constantly. This means your app is at their fingertips – literally – at all times. When your workforce is using a mobile app, their work can be with them in a clean and manageable way, in or outside the office. When integrated with a desktop or web system, mobile users and their data input can be monitored, even when they’re onsite. A mobile app can redefine your business workflow and what expectations you can place upon employees.

Ultimate Accessibility

Your information will be there when and where you need it.  Putting your key functions into a mobile system is the next logical step in developing your business and we help make it happen.

Integrated Control

When partnered with a management system, a mobile app provides control over your team and how their job gets done. See real time data come in and make key decision when they’re needed.

Power at Your Fingertips

Any task your PC software can perform, a mobile app can match.  Don’t let an imagined limitation prevent you from asking what a mobile app can do for you.


Defining your user

Who is your ideal user, what do they use your app for? The who will begin to determine the expectations users will have with your app and the what lays the foundation of what your app needs to be capable of. These expectations will pave the way for the entire development process. The user flow, interface, and functionality of your app will all need answers to lay out the roadmap for how your app will be developed.


A mobile app can connect up with a preexisting system or tool your company relies on. This can simplify user flow, remove extraneous steps, and make your database accessible on the go.


Determining the user base you’re targeting gives a solid grounds for marketing research that will tell you how your users expect to interact with your app, the common visual language they’ve been trained to recognize, and what visual trends will make your app appealing.

Interactive design

Before any programming takes place, we work through and solidify the visuals of your app. Using our prototyping process, we can mimic the live experience of navigating your app to be to give you a hands on demo of what your app can be.

Allows for:

  • Testing different color schemes and layouts
  • Trying out different layouts
  • Visually experiencing your app before it’s made
  • Designing in a tactile and comprehensive way
  • Defining exact design parameters
  • Knowing exactly what to expect from the finished product


Based on the platforms you need to publish on and the functions you need, we’ll help you determine the program framework that best fits your app. By the time we begin development, you can sit back and relax while we do the heavy lifting. We’ll keep you posted as your app comes together and perform thorough in house testing.


If only it were so simple as to click a couple buttons and it was done. We’ll work through the publishing process with you to make sure your public listing is what you want it to be. A list of the content needed will be provided for you, and from there we take care of the rest.

Different App Stores

You tell us where your app needs published and we’ll do the heavy lifting research on how to get your listing in the right places. We have published apps to both the Google Play and Apple App Store marketplaces.

Quality Assurance

We don’t just push your app tout there and say it’s done. We’ll test and verify that your app published and downloads correctly before signing off the project.

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