Making use of your investment

Why does my website
need maintenance?

Why does my website need maintenance?

A website is an ongoing investment, not a one time purchase. To forgo upkeep of your website is the equivalent to burning money. Web maintenance involves routine tests and updates to make sure all facets of your site are working like a well oiled machine. Updates are being pushed constantly for web platforms, plugins, and services, and there comes a point where failure to upgrade means website failure. Keeping your site updated and tested regularly gives you confidence that your website is presenting across platforms just as you expect.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization, more commonly referred to as SEO, is the many practices that make a website appealing to the search engines people use to find things online. SEO can often overlap with best practice site maintenance, something that’s required if you want your site to withstand the test of time.

Do I need SEO?

If you’re looking to have the best site you can possibly have, SEO is a must. At a basic level, this involves managing your metadata, setting your focus words, and submitting your site for indexing. Going deeper, SEO will ask you to decrease site load times and streamline your mobile experience. Outside of your site itself, SEO means tracking traffic and analyzing data to learn about your user base and make changes accordingly to better direct your user flow.

Proactive, Not Reactive

Don’t wait around for your site to become obsolete before giving it much needed attention. We’ll help you keep a pulse on what updates come out and when is best to install them.

Tracking Your Traffic

Get to know where the people visiting your site are from and what user journey they take. Use this information to make marketing decisions and drive content changes.

Improved Online Visibility

Performing good upkeep of your site doubles as SEO improvements that make your site more appealing to search engines and can increase general scores.


Analytics and insights

Once you have a website up and running, how will you continue to improve and gain control of your traffic? On it’s own the site isn’t equipped to provide you this information. This is where professional web maintenance comes in handy to implement the right tools to analyze and provide data on your site and its traffic. Using this data, we can recommend your next course of action to refine your user flow, improve accessibility, and help you understand how users are interacting with your site.

Understanding your users

With our tracking, you can learn about organize and direct traffic, what pages are most frequented, how long users typically visit the page, and more.

The who and how

Where are the people using your site from and how are they interacting with your site. We can help you determine what parts of your site see the most clicks so that your user flow can be improved based on actual data.

Updates and upkeep

The moment a site is created, a clock is ticking down to when it will become obsolete. This is simply the inherent nature of the online environment, always evolving and improving. If your site isn’t doing the same, it’s a simple fact that your site will lose touch and it will be palpable to anyone that frequently gets online. Sadly, you hardly have the time in house to focus on updating and maintaining your website; that’s a full time job and your people are already busy. With our maintenance services, we will keep a pulse on updates and upkeep of your site as well as be an on hand contact for when you have specific content changes you want to implement.

Allows for:

  • Monthly checks to keep your site up to date
  • Updates are verified before being performed to prevent site breakages
  • A professional team to keep tabs on your site
  • Patching problems, or avoiding them altogether
  • A team to address issues if they arise
  • Confidence that your site will be well cared for

Increased Google ranking

Google may not be the only search engine, but it is the biggest dog in the park. Things that improve your Google ranking will be overall optimizations that will make your site more appealing to all search engines and improve site functionality. The lower the loading time and the better your site performs, the more your site ranking will improve for Google and other search engines. While a key part of SEO is key words and meta data, which we’ll help set up and maintain, your site functionality will bring a heavy impact as well. No search engine likes a site that performs poorly. Our team uses the most current analytic tools to identify how well your site is performing and can implement the changes needed to absolve critical and non critical errors through standard web maintenance.

Testing APIs and forms

Due to updates and changes, sometimes things break. Whether it’s due to incompatible pieces of your site interaction or the code publishers pushing out updates that aren’t ready yet, the simple matter is that it happens. That’s why it’s just good practice to check up on the various pieces of your site that may make use of live services such as Google Maps, transactions, or form submissions. We’ll make sure to test these interactive parts of your site on a monthly basis to verify that they continue to function as they should so that you can be at ease that if there are any issues they’ll be taken care of.

Unavoidable Updates

There are some updates out of your, or our, control. All you can do is make sure things continue to work after those changes are forced on us. With us testing the interactions of your site, most issues should be easy to catch and clean up.

Best Practice

The internet is a changing place with lots of different kinds of code and users running any number of different browsers. Having someone keeping an eye on if things are reacting and showing correctly is just being smart.

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