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What is
UI/UX design?

What is UI/UX design?

UI/UX stands for user interface and user experience. The interface is the medium through which a user experiences an app or program, thus the commonly paired acronyms for UI/UX.

Why does UI/UX design matter?

UI/UX design can make or break an app. Your UI/UX is how the program communicates with a user and vice versa, meaning it plays a humongous role in any project. And while they say anyone can do art, it doesn’t mean everyone should. Bad UI/UX can bomb a project; it doesn’t matter how good your app is. If it sucks to use and look at, there’s a good chance people simply won’t.

How does it benefit my business?

By spending time refining your UI/UX design, you shape your brand and create the experience a user has interacting with your finished product. It is more than worth it to engage in the minutia of this process to get a project that meets and exceeds all your expectations. You can set your needs and we can apply our professional graphic design know how for anything you don’t know what to do with.

Reinforcing a brand

Theming of content should reflect your brand and any restrictions to create a cohesive package. The attention to detail and refinement increase quality and enjoyment of use.

Simple to use

You want to design a user journey that follows common sense. This will help you appeal to a broader audience and people tend to prefer a system that’s easy to learn.

Sleek and modern

With our professional experience, avoid dated designs that would mark your project as old. Instead, design for success with slick, clean visuals.


Needs and user flow

The user experience is the crux of a project. How will someone interact with your project? What results occur from that interaction? What does your project accomplish? We guide you through the process of creating user cases and mapping the user experience. This user experience will be the crux of your project.

Broad Strokes

Walking through the process like this gives you a masterful overview of your project as a whole, able to see the map of how it flows and functions. We’ll help you craft your user experience on an empirical level.

Detail Work

It’s the little things that can count the most. People like a user experience that’s smooth and communicates when they expect it to. Walk through your user experience and make decisions on how to polish and refine your project,

Research and trends

What other existing projects are similar to yours and how did they handle similar issues? There’s no shame in learning from and improving on the practices of your competition. Their user cases and data can be your user testing to know what’s hot and what’s not.


It’s worth it to know what’s popular and what’s not so you make educated decisions on your user flow and visual experience. Use of popular themes and visuals will help mark your design as modern and aware.

Selling to your market

Some design habits are specific to different industries. You’ll notice that a construction website looks different from a fast food chain’s website and that a mobile phone game’s UI will look different than a professional CRM. We’ll design your UI/UX around the market you’re targeting with your project.

Using visual language

Visual language is how the things we see speak to us and what they mean. Our team has knowledge and training on the application of visuals, how people have learned to react to those visuals, and their application. When your project is trying to say something that people have already learned to recognize from certain cues, we’ll steer you in the right direction. When you want to say something new, we’ll apply best practices for UI design to ensure it’s communicated correctly and easily. People are learning constantly that certain images and cues mean certain things. It’s just smart to make use of how people have already been trained to use something to design your own into something people can pick up and use with little to no trouble.

Allows for:

  • Intelligent application of color theory
  • The practiced touch of professional design
  • An understanding of visual language application
  • Results that are easy to pick up and use
  • Educated design decisions
  • Decisions on the small and large scale

Bringing it together

Using the professional tools of the trade, we construct visual mockups of the proposed visuals for your project, allowing you to see what could be and make decisions before anything is set in stone. When occasion calls for it, we’re more than ready to build a functioning prototype that can mimic a finished product. Test your UI/UX before getting into the programming process where it can be disastrous to change up UI/UX design mid development.

UI/UX with Adobe Photoshop          UI/UX with Adobe Illustrator          UI/UX with Adobe XD          UI/UX with Adobe After Effects           UI/UX with Adobe Dreamweaver

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