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What is a
“web app?”

What is a “web app?”

A web app, or web application, is a program that runs through your internet browser. You may not realize it, but you’re already incredibly familiar with the concept. Every website you visit is a rudimentary web app, running off a multitude of coding languages. Most common services like online retail and webmail are actually web applications.

What can this do?

Web apps can be designed to do most anything you can imagine. From a CRM to a wizard that walks you through ordering a pizza, a web app is built in a versatile framework capable of many things. Anything your office software already handles, a web app can do better.

What’s so great about this approach?

Aside from being clean and easy to use, web apps take advantage of the internet to create a portable system you can use close to anywhere. A custom built web app can clean up your existing business flow or can be used as a much needed solution to issues your business contends with. Data is accessible in or out of the office through your web app and will always be up to date, no matter where someone is when they make changes.

Available Anywhere

Web app data is real time and available through the app, whether at home, in the office, or on site.  Taking advantage of the internet and it’s resources puts your entire business network in sync. Additionally, some web apps can be installed like native apps using a Progressive Web App (PWA) platform.

Standalone or Integrated

While a web app is more than capable of handling all your needs. If you’re already invested in another tool, a web app can still pick up the slack. Your app can connect to your existing data to make changes or perform the functions your current system lacks.

Robust and Reliable

Any task your PC software can perform, a mobile app can match.  There really are no limitations to what can be mobilized.  Don’t let an imagined limitation prevent you from asking what a mobile app can do for you.


Reviewing your business process

The first step is reviewing your current processes. What do you do and how do you do it? Once we know how you do things and to what ends you do them, the users flow can take shape for your web app. Some procedures are burned into the brains of employees, so you may want to keep those the same. But in designing your web app, there’s now a freedom to redefine how you want to do business.

Starting Fresh

If you want to make a switch to how things are done, now’s the time. Don’t let the limits of your old systems keep you from adding to or changing how your business functions.

Automating the Grunt Work

With a robust app, you can automate repeatable actions. This will free up your man power to focus on growing your business or increasing the amount of work getting done.

Interactive design prototype

Following the expectations and goals from your BPR, we being prototyping your new app. Going form by form, you get to preview and approve your app design and user flow. With a prototype, you’ll be able to see and feel your web app and make informed decisions on when and where to make changes.

Allows for:

  • Making decisions from something you can see
  • Sampling different color schemes
  • Refining the look and feel of your app
  • Professional suggestions and feedback
  • Clearly defined expectations of final product
  • Confidence in what will be delivered


With the combined plan of the BPR and prototype, development can begin at a steady pace. You’ve already laid out a road map for what your app will be, so all you have to do now is sit back and relax while we roll up our sleeves and get to work. Throughout development, we’ll keep you posted on progress and expectations so that you’re never out of the loop on where your investment is at.  Nearing the end of development, quality assurance will be doing rigorous testing and reviews with you will become more frequent to collect and address feedback.

Implementation & training

We follow a software pipeline the ensures quality and functionality in a production environment so that when it comes time for deployment, your web app is ready to go. With a web app, there’s no installation necessary. Just enter the url address in your web browser, log in, and proceed.

Written Documentation

For the core functions and needs laid out in your BPR, as well as support, written documents will be provided in PDF format detailing the use of your app.

Video Instruction

For repeatable process and general training, we’ll help provide video instruction so that it’s simple and easy to get your key users introduced to your app.

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