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What is a

What is a website?

A website is a platform connected to the internet where you can display content. A website can be as big or small as you want, it all depends on your vision and dedication to your presentation.

What can a website do?

A website is, like many things, merely a tool at your disposal. The real question is what are your needs and is your website fulfilling those right now? A website can be used to funnel communication, sell product, inform users, create a mailing list – and so much more! You just need the right team to fashion the tool your looking for. Hint: that’s us.

Why do websites matter?

These days, it’s just considered poor business practice not to have a website because of how much of your market you’re missing out on. People expect to be able to look you up on Google. If you don’t have an online presence, you may as well not even be there at all. A website gives you control of what others see when they look you up, and allows you to direct them rather than leave them hanging.


Having a website makes your business available to consumers, even after hours. Your site can be used to educate, persuade, or make sales, without an in person representative present. And all just a few clicks away.

Sales Opportunities

You website is the crux of online sales and leads. All digital marketing efforts will need something to build from, and your website acts as the central hub for these efforts, opening up all kinds of sales opportunities.

Credibility as a Business

People expect businesses to have a website if they’re serious about their trade. The content your provide on a website will reflect on your business, and the lack of one can be damning when proving whether your business is serious or not.


Defining your needs

You know that having a website is important, but do you know why? Your website acts as a public access vet for your business. People can and will go to your website to learn about you once they hear your name. You website is a reflection of your brand and business goals, or at least it should be. Understanding what you want out of your website is key to developing a site that fits your needs and has the functionality you’re hoping for. A blog site for running an online magazine is going to be built very differently from a site focused on generating leads interested in your services.

Two Birds, One Stone

As said, without a website, you lose credibility. But having a website is a two-fold benefit. Not only does it prove your business to be a valid one, but it’s now a marketing tool at your disposal to garner leads and educate consumers.

Exactly What You Want

Your website will be a direct result of what you want out of it. It can be molded into any number of shapes to suit your needs or goals. But whatever it is you’re after, rest assured, there’s a way to do it.

Interactive design and sign off

Using professional design tools, we’ll propose a visual design fitting your brand and goals. Our proposal will provide a guided user flow, make use of modern and fitting design trends for your market. We can either reinvent your brand from scratch, re imagine how you present your current branding, or skin your user experience with a clean replica of your current marketing. No matter what, our interactive prototype of your site with allow us to mimic most site functions so you can get a feel for what your website experience will be and allow you the opportunity to make visual design changes before we’re too deep in the production process.

Allows for:

  • Getting a feel for how your site will by styled
  • Making decisions from something you can see
  • Weighing in before site production starts
  • Engaging discussion on site design
  • Clearly defined expectations of final product
  • Confidence in what will be delivered

Development on staging

Your site will be constructed on a staging environment, outside of the public eye until everything is trimmed and primped. This means that development of your new site can be down without interrupting the service of your current site or putting an unfinished product out for the world to see. Your staging site will only be accessible to those with a direct link to the site, where you can evaluate and monitor progress as development comes along.

Going live

When your website is complete and signed off on, we’ll handle the process of pushing it live. We’ll make sure you’re submitted to major search engines for indexing, apply basic analytic tracking, connect up your domain, and verify services are fully functional once live, just in case.

Your Website, Not Ours

At the time of go live, you’ll be provided credentials to access the back end of your website at your leisure. We don’t own your website, you do, and at any time you want to access it to make changes, that power is in your hands.

Quality Assurance

Prior to and at the time of go live, our web team will put the site through it’s paces to see that everything is looking the way it should. A lot of functional services require a live domain to function, so may not be set up until it’s time to go live. For a few days after go live, we’ll be available to assist if unexpected issues arise and check in to make sure things are still feeling good on your end.

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