Perfect For Today’s Timber, Log, or Lumber Yard.

Whether you’re in timber, log, lumber, or any combination of the three, Lumber King is a scaleble system which pulls your operations together. When it comes to inventory, tracking, tallying, reporting, communications, or processing, you can easily manage your business from the office and field. Increase productivity and profit by reducing time, effort, and mistakes.

Custom Software to Fit Your Needs

Our custom software service can provide you with the control you want in your yard, when and how your want it. Our design and development team  builds our custom-tailored software to each client’s specific needs; as our developers and business analysts take the time to learn your companies processes and deliver the solution that works best for you.

Available custom software opportunities:

  • Handhelds
  • Information Management
  • Management & Database systems
  • Legacy Software upgrading

We specialize in taking your older custom build or in-house systems and rebuilding them in the newest technologies.  Ask us how today at 866-280-2237!

Partners in the Industry

We’re proud with our software skills to support The Wood Geeks in technical services and software development!

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